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Prodigy Blood Glucose Monitor
Glucometer's features
  • Built in speaker tells what your results are.
  • Great for the visually impaired.
  • Alternate site testing - arms, legs or hands.
  • Small blood sample (0.6 ┬ÁL).
  • 6 second results.
  • 450 test memory.

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    Accucheck Voicemate Blood Glucose Meter

    • Talking blood glucose monitor for the blind/visually impaired.
    • Clear voice guides user through simple step-by-step testing and insulin vial label identification.
    • Touchable Accu-Chek Comfort Curve test strips help guide finger to the target.
    • Includes Accu-Check Softclix lancet device for virtually pain-free testing.
    • Portable, easy to use and requires no cleaning.
    • 3-year warranty.
    • Available in English and Spanish versions.
    • Batteries Required:
      - For Voice Unit: 9V.
      - For Meter: 2 x 3V lithium (coin shaped).

    Talking glucose meter AccuCheck Voicemate

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