10 Reasons To Use Your Glucose Meter

Many people find it a nuisance to take check their sugar levels each day. After all you must get out the glucose meter, insert the test strip, prick your finger and then maneuver the drop of blood so that is placed on the strip all in order to get a good reading.

Even with all it’s hassles glucose testing is important because it helps you to better control your blood sugar levels. Glucose testing must be done at least once a day but the more than that depending on how severe your diabetes is. The glucose meter is one of the most important devices a diabetic can have and must never be viewed as a nuisance to use but as a useful tool that can keep a diabetic informed about their sugar levels so they know when and how much medication to take.

Here are the top 10 reasons to use your glucose meter:

1. Helps you make the right decisions so that you feel your best and preventing complications.

2. It will keep you honest. Using your glucose meter everyday helps you to see that your must stick to your diet in order to keep your glucose levels under control.

3. It will give you a baseline so that you will be able to tell if your glucose levels start to go up or down.

4. Provides immediate feedback and will alert you to any sudden and unhealthy changes in your blood glucose levels.

5. The glucose meter helps you stay on track with you medication, which means you can alert your doctor.

6. Helps you to see if your exercise program is working.

7. Helps you to improve your overall control of the disease by keeping your informed about changes in glucose levels.

8. Helps you to gauge the effects of new foods on your glucose levels.

9. Keeps you out of danger because you always know what is going on with your sugar levels.

10. You’ve got to do it in order to help in the fight to erase the effects of diabetes on your body.

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