OneTouch UltraEasy glucometer


OneTouch UltraEasy glucometer

Glucometer's features 
  • Small. Fits perfectly in pocket or purse.
  • Accurate 5 second testing.
  • Tiny blood sample (1.0 ┬ÁL).
  • Memory storage of 50 results.
  • Palm or forearm testing.

OneTouch UltraEasy is a cheap and small glucometer with a simple design. This device offers just the basics of testing and is designed for patients who may feel overwhelmed by the demands of managing their disease and are seeking simple, more affordable testing. The OneTouch UltraEasy glucometer provides fast, easy and accurate readings of blood glucose level in 5 seconds.

  • Requires only a tiny drop of blood - 1 microlitre sample size
  • Accurate results in just 5 seconds
  • 50 test memory cells
  • Easy to handle - Just insert a strip to test
  • Easy to read screen
  • Small and sleek:
  • Fits in a handbag or suit pocket

Message from Lifescan

Welcome to the OneTouch family!

We know how difficult it can be to understand and manage diabetes. The right products and services can help make life with diabetes just a little bit easier. At LifeScan, our priority is to ensure that you have the right blood glucose meter to meet your needs.

That's why we design products like the OneTouch UltraEasy Blood Glucose Monitoring System. The OneTouch UltraEasy Glucometer makes it simple to get a test result and review past results. Your owner's booklet will help you learn how to use your meter properly. Please read it carefully.

Intended use: The OneTouch UltraEasy Blood Glucose Monitoring System is intended to be used for the quantitative measurement of glucose (sugar) in fresh capillary whole blood. The OneTouch UltraEasy glucometer is intended for use outside the body (in vitro diagnostic use) by people with diabetes at home and by healthcare professionals in a clinical setting as an aid to monitor the effectiveness of diabetes control. It should not be used for the diagnosis of diabetes or for testing newborns.

Use Outside the UK: This meter gives readings in mmol/l, which are the standard units used in the UK. Some countries use the US standard of mg/dl and this meter will not be suitable for their citzens.

Uses OneTouch Ultra Test Strips (The #1 selling test strip in the U.S.) and OneTouch UltraSoft Lancets.

Dimensions: L 105 x W 28 x D 19 mm.
Weight: 30 g.
Battery: One 3-volt Lithium, Type CR2032

Possible mistypes: One Touch Ultra Easy glucometer, OneTouch Ultra Easy glucometer, One Touch UltraEasy glucometer