One Touch Ultra Mini glucometer by Lifescan


One Touch Ultra Mini

Glucometer's features
  • Small. Fits perfectly in pocket or purse.
  • Accurate 5 second testing.
  • Tiny blood sample (1.5 ┬ÁL).
  • Memory storage of 500 results.
  • Fingertip or forearm testing.

Lifiscan's One Touch UltraMini is a cheap and small blood glucose meter with a simple design. This glucometer offers just the basics of testing and is designed for diabetics who may feel overwhelmed by the demands of managing their disease and are seeking simple, more affordable testing. OneTouch Ultra Mini lets measure blood glucose level anytime, anywhere. It's fast and accurate. The OneTouch Ultra FastDraw test strip automatically pulls blood making blood application easy.

How about getting One Touch UltraMini glucometer for FREE?
Currently you can't get this meter for free. There are 2 options:

  1. Get FREE glucometer (One Touch Ultra or Ultra 2)
    (You'll need Medicare health insurance. Ask for One Touch Ultra Mini availability)
  2. Buy One Touch Ultra Mini glucometer ($21) somewhere on Diabetes Supplies store with a free shipping.

One of the features of the OneTouch Ultra family is that they all use the OneTouch Ultra test strip. It means that Onetouch Ultra Mini test strips are covered by Medicare Part B.
Advantages: Automatic meter shut-off. No cleaning necessary.
Disadvantage: No time and data of the last test.

Outside the USA, similar like the One Touch Ultra Mini glucometer is marketed as the One Touch Horizon (India, Russia, etc) and the One Touch UltraEasy (Europe) brands. The One Touch Horizon uses a different design of strip.

User's review:
When I was first diagnosed with diabetes about ten years ago, I would have definitely appreciated a meter that's as easy to use as the One Touch Ultra Mini.
Jerry Mathers, former star of the popular 1950s and '60s TV show, Leave it to Beaver.

Dimensions: L 105 x W 28 x D 19 mm.
Weight: 30 g.
Battery: One 3-volt Lithium, Type CR2032
Download One Touch Ultra Mini manual

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