No cost diabetic supplies

The are 3 ways to get free diabetic supplies, including the glucose meter. Two of them are available only to US residents with Medicare or private type of medical insurance. Third is available for everybody but it's not true free glucose meter, as it is advertised sometimes. It's simply a kind of discount for those who buy some amount of test strips.

No cost diabetic supplies

The classical "first-type" company is - the part of Alliance Health Network.
They connect diabetics with providers who work directly with Medicare and/or another insurance companies to qualify for huge savings on diabetes supplies.

ClickOnHealth offers wide choice of free glucose meters with the latest features, including Ascensia Contour, FreeStyle Flash, OneTouch Ultra 2 and talking glucose meter, as well as other low-cost diabetic supplies.

Click below to see if you qualify for a free guide and meter to controlling your diabetes.

Here are the benefits you get using ClickOnHealth's diabetic service:

  • No cost diabetic supplies shipped right to patient's home for free (with insurance).
  • Low cost diabetic supplies (with no insurance).
  • No waiting for reimbursement.
  • No up front costs or co-payments.
  • No Medicare or Insurance claim forms to fill out.
  • No more trips to the pharmacy or waiting in line.

One of the "third-type" opportunities, offering free glucometer with no insurance but with test strips is