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Patients who have not health insurance are not eligible for free glucose monitor from companies like Don't worry if you are one of them. You still can get free meters and discount diabetes testing supplies with no insurance. Just visit DiabetesStore.Com - the leading online retailer of glucose monitors, glucose test strips and other diabetic accessories.

Pay attention: DiabetesStore offers free glucose monitor only when you buy some amount of test strips from them. Thus, it's a kind of discount. Their free monitor offers vary from time-to-time. Below are ones for December, 2014.

Accu Chek CompactAccu Chek Compact Kit
(Free blood glucose monitor & 204 strips)
Testing without handling strips by using a convenient 17-test drum.
300 results downloadable.
Get the Accu Chek glucose meter for free when you buy 204 test strips.

TT: 8 sec. | Amount of blood: 1.5 microliters | $124.36
Embrace glucose meterOmnis Embrace Kit
(Free blood glucose monitor & 300 test strips)

Talking glucometer with large display. High degree of accuracy. Strip has capillary "wicking" action. Alternate site testing.
300 tests memory. Data downloading.
Get the Embrace glucose meter for free when you buy 300 test strips.

TT: 6 sec. | Amount of blood: 0.6 microliters | $77.70
Ascensia CONTOUR Glucose Monitoring SystemAscensia CONTOUR System
(Free blood glucose meter & 200 strips)
Fast, pinpoint accuracy. Small blood sample.
No coding required.
Data download capability.
Get the Ascensia Contour glucometer for free when you buy 200 strips.

TT: 15 sec. | Amount of blood: 0.6 microliters | $115.32

Accu-Chek Aviva glucose meterAccu-Chek Aviva Kit
(Free blood glucose monitor & 100 strips)
Wide-mouth strip for easy testing.
500 tests memory. Computer data download for better diabetes management.
Very small blood sample.
Get the Accu-Chek Aviva glucose meter for free when you buy 100 strips.

TT: 5 sec. | Amount of blood: 0.6 microliters | $75.86

* - "TT" means Testing Time.

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