FREE Ascensia Elite XL glucometer
(formerly Bayer Glucometer Elite XL)

Ascencia Elite XL glucometer
Glucometer's features

  • Test without using any buttons.
  • Turn the meter on simply by strip inserting.
  • Small blood sample (2 ┬ÁL).
  • 30 seconds results.
  • 120 tests memory.
  • Data port to work with diabetes management software.

Bayer had launched Glucometer Elite XL to the market after Glucometer Elite model. The meter has an enhanced 120 tests memory, 14-day averaging, date and time stamping of each test, and a data port to connect to Win Glucofacts XL software.

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Glucometer Elite test strips are developed with Sip-in Sampling® technology. They are completely touchable so you don't have to worry about handling. Each strip is foil-wrapped and always stays fresh. ELITE® Blood Glucose Test Strip automatically draws in the right amount of blood.

User's review:
My favorite glucose meter is the Bayer Glucometer Elite XL and I like it very much! I use the meter twice a day and it is easy to use and read. It comes with a black case which holds the meter and the Microlet lancer. It has the day and time display and a large display of the mg/dl blood test results. I like this glucose meter very much and I have not had any repair problems with it. I hope to use it for months and years to come.

Battery: Two 3-volt Lithium (Type CR-2025)

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