FreeStyle Lite glucometer by Abbott

FreeStyle Lite glucometer
Glucose meter's features
  • Virtually painless testing.
  • No coding required.
  • FreeStyle Lite test strips.
  • Alternate sites testing.
  • World's smallest blood sample (0.3 ┬ÁL).
  • 5 seconds results.
  • 400-tests memory with 7-, 14- and 30-day averages.
  • 4 programmable reminder alarms.
  • PC data download with FreeStyle CoPilot software.

In previous models, like Freestyle Flash, Abbott was focused on painless testing and small size. The new member of Freestyle family, Freestyle Lite, adds no coding feature, making testing procedure even more simpler and quicker. Freestyle Lite glucose meter also has larger, high contrast display with backlight and a test strip port light for on-the-go testing - even in low light. The meter is so small that easily fits in the purse.

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FreeStyle Lite blood glucose meter combains accuracy with simplicity and painless testing. The front of the FreeStyle Lite glucometer has a test port, LCD panel and three buttons. The button labelled M is used for mode settings. The C button is used to mark a control solution test, scrolling and clock displaying. The middle button is used to control the display backlight and test strip port light.

The meter turns on automatically when the test strip is inserted. It beeps when there is enough blood for the test. Also the meter has a rubber grip to prevent slipping on surfaces. Its memory data can be downloaded to PC with free CoPilot software installed.
The FreeStyle Lite glucometer is only compatible with FreeStyle Lite test strips.

Dimensions: L 2.9" x W 1.57" x D 0.65"
Weight: 1.4 oz. with battery.
Battery: One 3-volt Lithium, Type CR 2032. Enough for 500 tests.
Download FreeStyle Lite manual
Possible mistypes: Freestyle Light

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