Freestyle glucometer by Abbott (Therasense)


Freestyle glucometer
Glucometer's features

  • Virtually painless testing.
  • FreeStyle nano-sample test strip.
  • Multiple sites testing.
  • World's smallest blood sample (0.3 ┬ÁL).
  • Results in 15 seconds.
  • 250 tests memory.
  • Downloading data to a PC program, such as FreeStyle Connect.

Pain is a major barrier to testing for people with diabetes. FreeStyle glucometer eliminates virtually all the pain and thereby helps to encourage good diabetes control. FreeStyle meter utilizes samples from multiple test sites - not just fingertips but also less painful sites like forearms, upper arms, thighs and calves.

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The FreeStyle is a small glucometer for blood glucose estimations using non-wipe coulometric technology. Glucose measurements can be performed using capillary blood samples obtained in a conventional manner from a fingerstick, or from an alternative site such as a forearm, upper arm, hand, thigh or calf.

The front of the FreeStyle glucometer has a test port, LCD panel and two buttons labelled M and C. The button labelled M is used to set up the meter, enter the memory mode and turn the meter on and off. The C button is used to change the date and time, code number and units of measurement; mark the control solution tests as well as review test results while in the memory mode. The port for test strip insertion is located at the bottom, and will turn the meter on automatically when a strip is inserted. The FreeStyle glucometer batteries are capable of measuring 1000 tests. To preserve battery life the glucometer automatically turns itself off after 2 minutes.

Dimensions: L 9.7 x W 5.15 x D 2.5 cm.
Weight: 79 g.
Battery: Two AAA batteries
no FreeStyle glucose meter is discontinued.

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