Mail Order Diabetic Supplies for Free

"Free diabetic supplies shipped to your home? It's easy with us!"

Freedom Medical Supplies provides free glucose meters and testing equipment for patients with approved Medicare insurance. In addition, they accept Private Insurance/Major Medical/Group Health Plans (most plans in all 50 states with the exception of HMO's). They ship three months of supplies at a time and remind customers when their supply is ready for a refill. The majority of seniors with Medicare will receive their glucometer (a $70.00 value) and additional supplies absolutely free, or for just a small co-pay.

Company's website,, provides personalized health services and reduced expenses to those with diabetes. Often diabetic test meters are delivered at no cost to the patient. The benefits include:

  • Free diabetic supplies shipped directly to patient’s home
  • No insurance paperwork to complete
  • No up front costs or waiting weeks or months for reimbursement
  • Mail order diabetic supplies delivered for free or at very low cost
  • Diabetes supplier of all the leading national brands.

You'll need to complete their simple 3 Step Profile to see if you qualify for FREE diabetic supplies shipped to your home.

Key questions and answers (FAQ)

Are you going to charge me for my supplies?
No, Medicare and most private insurance plans will pay for your testing supplies.

Do you have my favorite meter or the meter that was given to me by my doctor?
Yes, we carry all of the major brands including One Touch Ultra 2, Freestyle Flash, Ascensia Contour, Accu-Chek Compact and more from the world's leading manufacturers like Lifescan, Bayer, and Roche.

Can I get a better meter or the meter I just saw on TV?
Yes, if you see or hear of a new meter and you would like to try it, please give us a call, we carry all of the latest brands from the leading manufacturers.

What if I lose or break my meter?
If you lose or break your meter, we will replace it at no additional charge. We will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are able to continue testing.

Will my insurance pay for the supplies?
Yes, Medicare and most private insurance policies will pay for diabetic supplies at no cost to you.

Will there be any insurance claims forms to fill out?
No, we will bill your insurance company on your behalf. We take care of all the paperwork so you don't have to.

How much will it cost?
It's usually free for Medicare and most private insurance policies. We'll inform you before processing your order if there is a low copay and there are no hidden fees and SHIPPING IS FREE.

Will I get help if I have trouble testing?
We have a very professional, well trained staff with a combined total of over 40 years experience in the Diabetic testing world. We will diagnose your situation and give you solutions so that you can continue to test your blood sugar effectively.

Can I trust your company?
Our company is one of the leaders on mail order diabetic supplies market. We have been in business for more than 7 years, and have serviced more than 10,000 patients.