3 Ways to Get Free Diabetic Supplies
(for diabetes patients)

The following article is intended for diabetics in the USA who need to monitor their blood glucose level for better diabetes management.

Currently the blood glucose level tests are doing with a special device - glucose meter (aka glucometer, or glucose monitor). Basic glucose meters are not very expensive themselves, but they use supplement - special glucose test strips. A diabetic needs one strip for each test and it can be expensive enough.

The good news are that more states are passing laws to further expand health coverage regarding diabetes. In May, 2004, 46 states had the laws requiring health insurance coverage to include diabetes treatment. The states not included are Ohio, Alabama, Idaho and North Dakota. As of 2002, Georgia and Wisconsin passed an expansion of current coverage requirements. In 2003 Hawaii adopted a resolution to clarify its mandate of diabetes education coverage.

The above means that most diabetes patients who have medical health insurance, can get free diabetic supplies including the glucose meter.

How to get free diabetic supplies online

Way #1 (The Best)
Since 2004 several mail order companies, specialized in diabetes supplement, have created their online presences. They offer to fill in a form on their site and than they call to patient for more details regarding their free diabetic supplies.

  1. of Alliance Health Networks
    ClickOnHealth removes the barriers between patients and diabetic supplies solutions. They partner with trusted, reliable providers to find the best available solutions and connect individuals with answers: quickly, effective, easily, safely.

  2. of Access Diabetic Supply, LLC
    One of the nation's leading diabetic supply companies. Some years ago they ranked an impressive #25 on Entrepreneur Magazine's list of the Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies. Wide choice of the brand name glucose meters. Requirement: You'll need to enter your physician phone number. They contact him for you to obtain a valid prescription for diabetes.

  3. of American Diabetes Services, Inc
    American Diabetes Services (ADS) is a diabetes supply company offering free or low-cost supplies to customers who qualify. Offers the newest meters including the Ascensia Contour, FreeStyle Flash and the OneTouch Ultra 2. The world's smallest meters, meters with voice capabilities as well as drum and disc systems that are preloaded with strips for your convenience. An approved Medicare provider, also accepts most major insurance. ADS helps to save money on diabetic supplies and provides thousands of diabetics with personalized customer support and access to a variety of supplies.

  4. Free diabetic supplies on
    Another leader in the diabetic supply industry. As a participating Medicare provider offers diabetic supplies for free or at very low cost. Accepts most major medical insurance plans and carries all of the leading brands of diabetic testing supplies including Freestyle, Accu-Check and OneTouch. Most of their customers receive supplies delivered to their door at no cost.

Way #2
Some pharmacy stores offer a glucometer for free when you buy some amount of test strips from them. In this case you don't need to have medical insurance, but you have to pay money for strips. This is not truly "free glucometer" offer. Consider that as a kind of discount.

  1. Free diabetic meter on
    The leading online retailer of blood glucose meters, glucose test strips, insulin, insulin pump supplies, sugar-free foods and other accessories for diabetics.
  2. Free diabetic supplies on Hocks.Com
    Respectable discount diabetic supplier. They give free glucose meter when you buy 1-2 boxes of strips. Free shipping on qualified orders over $79. FreeStyle Flash blood glucose meter after $20.00 instant rebate.

Way #3
Getting a free meter directly from producing companies. Health insurance is needed also. This is not guaranteed way, because such offers are not constant. 

New complimentary OneTouch blood glucose monitoring system from LifeScan, Inc.
Step 1: Use "..." for the Insurance Provider Drop Down Box.
Step 2: Choose the monitor of your choice:Ultra 2 or One Touch Ultra Smart.
Step 3: Enter your contact information. Where it asks for the BD Monitor number, use: 1-888-232-2737
Lastly, it gives you a confirmation: "Thank you for selecting a new OneTouch Blood Glucose Meter. You will receive your new OneTouch UltraSmart Meter and Simple Startâ„¢ education materials within 3 business days."

Simple Startâ„¢ Diabetes+Food DVD & Free OneTouch Ultra 2 from LifeScan, Inc.
You apparently will see the free meter offer after you enter your info.

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