Ascensia DEX glucometer for FREE


Ascensia DEX 2 glucometer by Bayer
Glucometer's features
  • Holds 10 test strips in Ascensia AUTODISC™
  • Alternate sites testing.
  • SIP-IN SAMPLING™ - automatically draws in the right amount of blood.
  • Last 100 test results with date and time downloadable.
  • Highly accurate, lab-comparable test results.

Ascensia DEX 2 glucometer has an expanded memory and is simple to use. No more messing or fumbling with individual test strips - just load an Ascensia® AUTODISC™ and go anywhere! The glucometer codes itself automatically! A capability for downloading test results to a computer for better diabetes management. Free Ascensia WINGLUCOFACTS® Diabetes Management Software for flexible diabetes data.

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The Ascensia Dex 2 meter is a small, circular shaped, battery-powered meter for blood glucose estimations using non-wipe biosensor technology. The Ascensia Autodisc test sensors are located within the meter as a foil covered disc containing ten sensors. Twothirds down the front of the meter is a visual display panel covered by a blue pad, which can be moved left, forward or back allowing access to the meter’s testing mode or the features mode.

To enter the test mode the blue pad is moved to the left and whilst holding it, the slide is moved forward all the way to push out a test strip and automatically turn on the glucometer. To turn the meter on in the "features mode" the slide is moved forward to expose the visual display panel. Below the LCD panel are two buttons marked A (moves to next setting) and B (changes the setting) used to:

  1. Set time/date,
  2. Set specific average times,
  3. Reset meter options,
  4. Review results,
  5. Erase test results or transfer results to a computer.

The "end latch" at the top of the glucometer unclips to allow the test sensor disc to be inserted into the meter. The battery capsule is located on the side of the meter, and uses two 3-volt lithium button cell batteries (CR 2016).

Reagents are available in packs of five test sensor discs, each consisting of 10 test strips giving a total of 50 strips. The reagents are stored at room temperature, have a shelf life of up to 18 months, and can be used until the expiry date displayed on the disc. The temperature range for determination of glucose is 10 - 40 °C.

The "end latch" at the top of the Ascensia DEX 2 glucometer unclips to allow a test sensor disc to be inserted. The disc is inserted "bumpy side up" by lining up the yellow arrow on the test strip disc with the yellow line on the glucose meter. The disc is gently pressed into place under the two blue tabs (indicated by two blue arrows).

Dimensions: L 81 x W 66.2 x D 25.3 mm.
Weight: 68 g. with batteries

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