Are You a Diabetic?
If the Answer is YES, then
You Can Get a FREE Glucose Meter!

smartscanIt's true, no catch!
If you are a diabetic, then you can get
brand new free glucose meter.
You can even choose the device
with latest features, like talking glucometer, etc.
But hurry, because this offer
is for limited time only.

Conditions required to get free glucose meter

  • USA only diabetes patients are eligible (no matter Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes).

  • Only a diabetic with Medicare may be entitled to a free glucometer.

  • Diabetic supply company may contact you by phone, so you need to enter your phone number.

If you meet these terms, then...
click the links below to get FREE glucose meter and diabetic testing supplies.

Most popular glucose meters
(glucometer comparisons chart)


OneTouch Ultra
One Touch Ultra Glucometer
(5 second testing)


Freestyle Glucometer
(world's smallest blood sample)


Ascencia Elite XL glucometer
Ascencia Elite XL Glucometer
(test without using buttons)


Accucheck Advantage
AccuCheck Advantage
(Accu-Chek comfort curve test strips)


Freestyle Flash
Freestyle Flash Glucometer
(The smallest meter in the world!)


Ascensia Contour
Ascensia Contour Glucometer
(No coding required)


Accucheck Aviva
AccuCheck Aviva
(Wide-mouth strip for easy testing)


Ascensia Breeze glucometer
Ascensia Breeze Glucometer
(10 test strips in Ascensia AUTODISCâ„¢)


Ascensia DEX 2 glucometer
Ascensia DEX 2 Glucometer
(10 test strips in Ascensia AUTODISCâ„¢)

As mentioned above, you can get free glucometer and diabetic testing supplies (test strips, pumps supplies, batteries, lancets, glucogen emergency kits, etc).
Click the links to find free glucometer and other diabetes supply.